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In my childhood, I enjoyed the rituals being done by my family members to the idols in our puja room. While growing up, these rituals seemed like child’s play to me due to my ignorance. My quest for god/truth etc whatever you say started around that period. In my sacred thread ceremony, when I initiated brahmopadesha, I learned its meaning from pandits but still didn’t get satisfaction.

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When I was very young I traveled various punya kshetras met some sadhus with curiosity about wisdom . I was initiated into some spiritual practices by some wandering monks . But even after practising them ,there’s something that I’m missing for fulfilment . When I was on the banks of the ganga I met a person – who appeared to be a wandering monk . It was not a meeting , it’s a happening in my life . I can say something about him . He was a householder because he treats whole world as his home , he was a sanyasi for he has absolute detachment , he was beyond both because he is beyond mind – he was an avadhut . He is sadasiva . He initiated me many mantras . He stressed me on more practice rather than theoretical arguments and warned me to believe my own experience . My spiritual practices went well by his guidance though sometimes with some breaks until I experienced inner tranquility . Finally I got my own answer – there are no questions. Inner transformation is possible for any one provided if he/she tread the path sincerely .

tapsvibhyodhiko yogee jnanibhyopi matodhikaha |
karmibhaschaadhiko yogee tasmaat yogeebhava arjuna ||

Lord , jagadguru sri Krishna said to arjuna

A yogi who has attained tranquility is higher than the person doing tapas-austerities, gaining theoretical knowledge, and doing rituals. So be a yogi.

Yogibhava foundation is intended to make living shrines in the society with the knowledge of Vedanta and the practice of yoga.

Bholenath Yogi

Yogeebhava Foundation

An unhealthy body causes misery but a healthy body by itself cannot create happiness. Eternal happiness comes by establishing in our true self which is free from roaming tendencies of mind and our inner conditioning which is pure consciousness.

Inner transformation is possible for any one provided if he/she tread the path sincerely.

Bholenath Yogi