Why I have to do yoga?

Yoga is a divine methodology to get holistic wellness.

I do Gym, walking etc. , and I’m fit. Why yoga to me?

Gym, walking, etc … can make you physically fit. Didn’t you see Mr. Olympias burst into tears after winning and the loser’s depression? Yoga penetrates deep into your personality, your emotions, your thought process, and habits and it’s the safest and surest way to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally & to get inner transformation.

How do I get Motivation to do yoga?

Time is moving fast, lifespan gets decreasing day by day, and we are witnessing so many people leaving this planet every day. Old age comes very soon and it can’t help us to do any Sadhana. So hurry up to be fit and to know your true nature.

I’m interested to do yoga but can’t find time , how?

You have time for ideal talking, surfing, spending time with your friends, family, etc but can’t find time to spend completely with yourself?? Can you stop to urinate or your breathe or emptying your bowels if you don’t have time ? Take yoga seriously, don’t waste your life.

I’m not hindu , how can I do it?

Yoga practices works on body and mind , not on religion.

I don’t know which yoga to do?

You can select according to your nature and capacity to tread that particular yoga.