Detoxified body is eligible for sadhana


Practising asanas balances and nourishes the solar and lunar energies in our body & gives Kaya Sampat.

  • Rupa-beauty
  • Lavanya – charm
  • Bala- vigor & vitality
  • Vajra samhananatva- self healing power.

So after the preliminaries & asana practice we select one comfortable posture for higher practices.

After asana we deal with the breath as it is the link between body n mind .


Breathing techniques to identify the pranic currents and to expand the dimensions of prana.


  • Balances body vital energies and mind
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression
  • Body detoxification
  • Prevents psychosomatic disorders
  • Prepares body and mind for further practices.

Our senses become autonomous with our alcohol, drug addiction, anger n impatience & crush our willpower and determination thereby forcing our mind and senses to engage in them though harmful. We seek remedy when we get harmed by them.

Here the Guru graces the aspirant’s incapacitated mind with the training of withdrawing the mind from senses and uniting it with prana.




The practice of focusing on various Marma sthanas and sense withdrawal.


  • Freedom from addictive behaviors of senses
  • Improves willpower and determination
  • Freedom from anxiety.
  • The body heals from post addiction chemical imbalance
  • Improve the functioning of the pituitary Medulla and endocrine systems.

An unhealthy body causes misery but a healthy body by itself cannot create happiness. So after pratyahara practicing still advanced practices lead to Dharana, and dhyana and makes us finally establish in our true nature. Then we recognize that we are happiness.

Ghata Shodhana (Body Cleansing)

By doing various kriyas we cleanse stomach, intestines and nervous system-a whole body detoxification.


  • Energy channels – NADIS –gets purified-Best for diabetics.
  • Relieves from constipation, and acidity.
  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves from sinus, snoring, insomnia, hair fall & drowsiness.
  • Blood purification makes you feel younger and energetic.
  • Re-balances body imbalanced by drugs or alcohol.
  • Relieves tension anxiety phobia and depression.

Personal Yoga Design

Every body is unique , though the basic structure- bones , various body systems are same in us but the person dwelling in that structure is different from each other.

So, get a personal yoga design according to your own practice timings, Lifestyle, Age & Requirements.


Self-transformation is an inner journey process starting with body detoxification & various yogic retreats to make you more healthy, purify your emotions, to get freedom from the unwanted mental impressions thereby directing your energies towards the fulfillment of life.

Mantra Yoga

mananaat traayate “ - which rescues the person doing manana - reflecting upon it.

Mantra is the combination of divine syllables so that its repetition creates a new wave of energy which purifies our emotions, mental agitation makes us establish in the silence gradually.

There are male, female, and neutral mantras. Which mantra is apt for your progress is decided by the guru.

The Guru initiates the mantra according to the eligibility of the aspirant and guides him through the practice and procedures of Japa, which beads to use for Japa, deity, etc….

Yagnaanaam japa yagnosmi “

Bhagavad gita says that in all the yagnas the god is japa yagna.
⁃ Adi Shankaracharaya

Kasya na paapam?

Who will be released from sins?
The one who repeats the mantra.

Hatha Yoga

Ha – sun shakti
Tha – moon shakti

The body has two main nadis ida and pingala – by the practice of detoxification, various asanas, kumbhakas, mudras – thesun and moon energies in the body are balanced and the person experiences bliss by activating sushumna.

Nishkama Karma Yoga

No one can live without doing actions. Doing the actions which are helpful for our progress both inward and outward without attachment to the fruits of the action is nishkama karma yoga .

Laya Yoga

The process of mental absorption in some energy points in the body to experience the bliss within.

Raja Yoga

The royal path which purifies the emotions, and the process of meditation to establish in our true self.

Bhakti Yoga

Directing our emotions and its energy towards any deity leads to experience ecstasy.

Jnana Yoga

Living in the world with the discrimination between eternal and non – eternal , seer and seen thereby establishing in truth and equilibrium unaffected by the pleasures and pain of the world.

Kundalini Yoga

The hatha yoga practice with the knowledge of chakras and with the aim of awakening the dormant power within.